Welcome to TCEX

Welcome to The Commerce Exchange Blog and the first ever blog post for me personally.  I am, however, no stranger to “organized barter” having joined an exchange as a member almost 15 years ago.  I quickly went from member to employee, ultimately managing the operation until striking out on my own with a small publishing business. I continued to trade advertising in my weekly papers for a wide variety of products and services through T and C Global….the forerunner of The Commerce Exchange.

So I have seen a lot of barter take place and have been on both sides of the fence as employee and member client. As a member I was able to acquire a wide selection of goods and services from the mudane, including car starters, batteries, appliance and repair to more business related items such as printing, signage, banners and newspaper distribution racks. On the personal side my staff and family enjoyed everything from restaurant meals to remedial massage therapy, haircuts and yes…even golf clubs and beer. Some of my largest and most beneficial barter purchases were for roofing and siding and sending my in laws to Churchill on Via Rail to see the polar bears. All without paying cash.

I invite you to follow my blog or check back from time to time to see more interesting barter stories, examples, advice, tips and tricks to make your barter experience positive and profitable.